I'm an Australian based coder, hacker, tinkerer, maker, and voider of most things software and hardware.

My path to geekery was first paved by an introduction to Dick Smith's Funway into Electronics on my 11th birthday and from there things just escalated – rather quickly.

After completing high school I spent a little more than a decade in the Royal Australian Air Force where I was formally educated in binary and the way of the electron. Forged by discpiline, commitment, determination and perseverenace; my military service certainly provided the foundation for how I now approach life.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed many opportunities including: capability research and development, software engineering, scientifc trial design and management, rapid prototyping, systems integration and many more.

Whether it's building web services, prototyping hardware, composing operating systems and software stacks or designing websites and frontends; I them all.


  • Penten Australia

    Software Engineering
    2017 - Present

    Software development, UI/UX design.

  • M5 Network Security

    Research & Development / Test Engineering
    2012 - 2017

    Operating System optimisation, custom integrated test framework and processes, continual test integration.

  • M5 Network Security

    Network Security Architect
    2010 - 2012

    Systems integration, custom network security monitoring sensor. Distributed search.

  • Australian Defence Force

    Countermeasure Development / Scientific Trial Managment
    2008 - 2010

    Test plan, process, execution, analysis, review, operational implementation.

    Specialised CM/AC RCS analysis software. Custom MAWS algorithm training framework.

  • Australian Defence Force

    Network Security / Capability Development, ACT
    2003 - 2008

    Deployable Network Security Monitoring (NSM) architecture, NSM analyst training and development.


  • Masters of science (Information Technology)

    University of New South Wales (ADFA)
    2005 - 2007

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

    University of New South Wales (ADFA)
    2000 - 2003