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Duelling ESP8266s on a hardware badge

Look out, two blog posts in the same year, slow down "me". Speaking of slow though, it's been anything but slow the past few weeks. Fortunately I've been able dedicate quite a bit of idle time into the #badge and am thought it best provide an update of the progress.

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  • The Unofficial LCA hardware badge

    written on 14 May 2016

    A few weeks ago during an office visit, a good mate and colleague of mine was attending the B-Sides Canberra (BSC) information security conference and was showing of a hardware badge that they had commissioned for attendees. It was awesome! To the best of my knowledge, it was also the first hardware badge I had seen for an Australian "tech" conference. Did I say it was awesome?! It really was, but ...

  • Booting SATA with Fedora ARM on the Banana Pi R1

    written on 26 April 2015

    Over at the Korora Project, Chris and I have been dabbling on a side project (side projects, don't you just love them?!) to bring a low cost, and secure router initially aimed at cable/fibre users that is built on the open Fedora/Korora stack.

  • Lens: An alernative to desktop agnostic UIs

    written on 22 January 2015

    I've been playing with a little side project that aims to help build lightweight GUI applications that look native-ish on multiple Desktop Environments (DEs). The immediate use case was to look native-ish in both Gtk and Qt based environments. My definition of native-ish is the little things such as using Gtk windows when in Gnome or Qt event loop bindings when in KDE. Of course, if the developer so chooses, any combination thereof.